Chile Phone Carrier List

To make a long distance or international call in Chile, you need to use a carrier. These are telecommunications companies that identify themselves with a number. The following list may not always be accurate as these can change, we recommend you check directly on their Web sites.

Carrier Number Web Site
Telefónica CTC 188
VTR 111
Bell South 181
Chilesat 171
Manquehue 122
Transam Comunicaciones 113
Globus 120
Telefónica del Sur 121
Heilsberg 116
169 169
Astro 151 -
AT & T Chile Networks 110 -
AT & T Chile Long Distance 155 -
Concert Chile 119 -
Convergia Chile 112 - Chile 114 -
Empresa de Telecomunicaciones Netonone 115 -
Empresa de Transporte de Señales 177 -
Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones 123 -
Equant Chile 125 -
GSP Chile 124 -
Impsat Chile 170 -
MiCarrier Telecomunicaciones 154 -
NetChile 176 -
Sur Telecomunicaciones 127 -
Hogar de Cristo 180
A carrier is a supplier of local and international telephone communication services. They integrate to the national system and allow for competition between many companies with regards to making long distance and international calls, without being tied to the company that supplies your phone line. The code given for these companies is what you have to dial before the phone number allowing the appropriate company to be identified for billing.