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La Ligua

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Situated 154 km from Santiago, La Ligua’s name means ‘the place of the fortune-teller’; it is also said to be derived from mapuche vocabulary 'Lihuen ' which means 'sunrise '.

It has 13,744 inhabitants and is known for the sumptuous sweets that the locals sell in the streets, impeccably dressed in white suits with large baskets. Apart from being well known for its exquisite sweets, it is also famous for the production of textiles, and with its wonderful climate it is ideal for lovers of both nature and sport alike.

In La Ligua you can see works carried out in traditional ways in various places that you can purchase or admire, and you can find specialized shops selling huaso (cowboy) clothing and where you can watch how it is produced in the traditional mills.

In January and February the Fiesta del Tejido (Textile Festival) is celebrated, where traditionally and industrially made fabrics are exhibited. In May the Fiesta Religiosa de Valle Hermoso (Religious Festival of the Lovely Valley) is celebrated and in October the Fiesta de la Virgin del Carmen.

During your stay you should visit the Archeological Museum and buy some of the home-made products available: textiles, amongst them scarves, vests, cloaks, socks, sweaters and gloves.

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