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Where to go in Pucón?

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The Casino
The casino is one of the most important entertainment centers in the south of Chile and in Pucón. It has modern installations and an attractive setting.

You will find a wide variety of games, including roulette, dice, cards, including games such as blackjack and 21, Caribbean poker, draw poker, chemin de fer as well as slot machines. The Casino is next to the town’s main 5 star hotel.

Playa Grande
This is the principal beach and is made of fine sand. It is about 4 kms. long. It goes all the way to the mouth of the Trancura River, an area with native forest and shrubs. The main area of the beach is directly in front of the Pucón Hotel, and it is here that you can participate in several activities, such as sailing, windsurfing and aqua bikes.

Santa Cruz Parroquial Church
This is located in Fresia Street. It is worth a visit to see its interesting architecture.

Santa Clara Monastery
This monastery is located in Ansorena Street and was built in 1950. The religious Capuchins of Clausura who live there are known for there knitting and embroidery work. You can also go to their Sunday services which take place at 3 in the afternoon all year round. From the Monastery you can get an excellent view of Pucón.

La Poza
You can get several embarkations from here which provide excursions around the Villarrica volcano. They provide wonderful views of all the surroundings.

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