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Olmué Folk Festival

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This year sees the celebration of the 40th year of this popular festival and as such the organisers hope that it will be the best ever!

The festival will take place from 23rd – 25th of January in Parque El Patagual, in Olmué in the 5th Region.
The event was thought up in June 1969 with the idea of having a folklore festival where composers, songwriters and singers could promote traditional Chilean folk music.

For historical purposes please note that: in charge of the first Cowboy Festival was an executive committee made up of the Mayor, Olmué Town Council’s Director of Tourism, a Project Director, a representative from the Rodeo Club and a folk musician. The festival was made up of five categories, intermixing music with other national expressions of folklore:

1. Best “payador” (folksinger who improvises his songs)
2. Best “cueca” singer
3. Best ballad
4. Best horsemanship
5. Folk fashion

The festival was first broadcast on television in 1984 by UCV Televisión but it wasn’t live. This year it will be broadcast live by Chilevisión from 10pm.

Official Programme:

Friday January 23rd
Alberto Plaza
International Cueca Champions
La Noche

Saturday January 24th
Charros de Lumaco
Francisca Valenzuela
National Cueca Champions
Chico Trujillo
Los Jaivas

Sunday January 25th
Daniel Muñoz
Fusión Rapanui
José Feliciano

Award Ceremony

Tickets are already on sale via Puntoticket. Prices not including service charge:

Palco Preferencial: $ 35.000
Palco Lateral: $ 28.000
Platea Preferencial: $ 18.000
Platea Lateral: $ 15.000
Galería: $ 8.000

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