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Alternative Shopping Areas

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There are three extremely popular shopping areas for those who have alternative styles. These places specialize in products for urban tribes.

Located right in the middle of the city centre (Paseo Ahumada 83) the Galería Eurocentro is one of the most popular places for young people. Lots of pupils, university students and even people who are that bit older, visit the centre on a daily basis, all of whom are interested in the concept of alternative styles.  

The centre has shops which cater for alternative groups like, gothics, punks, rock fans and of course videogame fans. It also attracts those who enjoy Japanese animation, karate or skateboarding as well as people who want to get a tattoo, given that there are tattoo parlours which are legally registered with the health authorities. 

Portal Lyon 

This building is in Avenida Providencia 2198, on the corner of Ricardo Lyon Street in the district which is also called Providencia.  This is where Japanese anime fans and people who collect Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings figures meet. It has shops that sell Playstation games as well.

You will also be able to find some music and specialist skateboarding shops.

Paseo Las Palmas

This is another place that is perfect for those who enjoy comics, Japanese anime, or who buy videogames, RPGs or collections of the Lord of the Rings saga. Although, it is also ideal if you want to listen to world class opera music or purchase CDs by the world’s best operatic voices.

It is located near the corner of Avenida Providencia and Ricardo Lyon Street, diagonal to the Portal Lyon shopping centre but you can access it via the escalater which takes you straight to the Los Leones underground station.

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