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Lago Rapel

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This artificial reservoir is located 68 km from Melipilla. It is the ideal place to fish for pejerrey, to take a boat trip, or just enjoy the natural setting with the family. It has areas specially equipped for camping.

Rapel lake is formed by the confluence of the Cachapoal and Tinguiririca rivers, is 40 km long and contains millions of cubic meters of water, held up by a huge concrete dam built in 1968.

From this point you can start on walks to different places such as Los Molinos de Larmahue, 20 km from the lake, on the way to Las Cabras. The main attraction of this village is the old system of wooden wheels used to extract water from the river Cachapoal and which is still working today. This place also stands out for its bougainvilleas, in bloom during the summer, its picturesque houses and its old church.

Another nearby attraction is the town Las Cabras (18 km from the lake on the Camino de la Fruta), which takes its name from a large farm of 600 hectares. The village preserves all the folk customs, such as traditional Chilean horse racing, horse-breaking, rodeos, handicrafts, saddlery, textiles, folk music and a the typical rural architecture of the big estate houses, 150 years old or more, built in adobe with tiled roofs and interior patios. It is a good place to go and visit and have lunch.

Lago Rapel functions as a tourist center all the year round.

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