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The Tatio Geysers

At 4,321 meters above sea level, this geyser field, situated 95 km from the town of San Pedro, is the highest in ...

The Elqui Valley: The Charm of an Oasis

Birthplace of Chilean poetess Gabriela Mistral, site of astronomical observatories, and producer of the best Pisco ...

National Monuments of the Central Zone

Valparaíso Customs House Declared a National Monument in 1976. It stands between Calle Bustamante ...

Where to go in Valdivia?

Mercado Fluvial de Valdivia The riverside market is located beside the pier from which the pleasure launches ...

History of the Carretera Austral

Chiloé and Aisén make up an area of 135,000 km2, which constitutes a sixth of the Chilean mainland. ...

Where to go in Easter Island?

Tahai Archaeological Complex Located close to Hanga Roa, the complex consists of three ahu making up a group of ...

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